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A message to members in abroad : Shuseki Shihan (Chief Insructor) Ueki Masaaki

14th, March, 2016



Japan Karate Association was formed in 1948 having the founder of Shotokan Karate-do Funakoshi Gichin Sensei as the highest instructor. Since then for 68 years, “Oshie”, the discipline, as the fundamental of our association has been passed down by Nakayama Masatoshi Shihan, the first chief instructor, and Sugiura Tokuji Shihan, the second chief instructor, and many people who felt sympathy over the world continuously.


The “Oshie” emphasize spiritual value such as actual practice of courtesy, harmony with oneself and others and so on. It teaches balance of mind and body through concentration on pursuit of “Kime”, which is the biggest goal of the skill. It teaches that Karate’s essence is pursuit of skill and Karate-do is acquiring higher self-control ability by practicing the skill.


We would like to remind this fundamental point again, practice our JKA original Karate-do and show us to the world in 2016. For that, all the instructors have to be united to quest Karate-do and acquire higher skill and instructing ability.


Therefore, I have put instructors at HQ into Shihankai to make it more active. Besides, finally Oishi sensei has become Fuku-Shuseki Shihan (vice chief instructor). It had been pending by his refusal though many members had expected. His acceptance of this appointment will be result in our strength.


From now on, new strengthen Shihankai is going to altogether concentrate on the development and expansion of JKA. In particular we will emphasize recheck of Kihon and improvement of judging and instructing skill at Spring camp in April 2016 and share the integrated content in the world. We wish the participants will have closer communication and bond each other by practicing hard together and discussion.


Finally we are very sorry listening that our confusion had made false rumor and buzz and made confuse all over the world last year.


We are going to fully concentrate on the growth and prosperity of JKA from now on. We appreciate your cooperation and support.



Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Karate Association

Shuseki Shihan (Chief Insructor) Ueki Masaaki




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