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  • 2017.04.15: REPORT: JKA Bahrain Gasshuku with Master Koichiro Okuma – 24th of March 2017

2017.04.15: REPORT: JKA Bahrain Gasshuku with Master Koichiro Okuma – 24th of March 2017

JKA Bahrain Gasshuku with Master Koichiro Okuma – 24th of March 2017




Master Okuma arrived to Bahrain on the 23rd of March, consequently, meeting was conducted with Master Okuma to outline and finalize JKA Bahrain Gasshuku. The Gasshuku began on Friday 24th of March with much excitement from many karateka students awaiting the arrival of Master Okuma.


The camp was attended by 65 karateka students and instructors from JKA Bahrain and JKA KSA. The official opening of the camp was inaugurated by the Mr. Daisuke Yamamoto from the Japanese Embassy. Mr. Yamamoto spoke of the importance of Japanese Martial Arts and the benefits of karate. He went on to congratulate the karateka students for reaching such a level of dedication. In addition, Master Okuma spoke to all karateka attendees and wished them luck during their training. Special thanks were also offered to Fawaz Merhab Sensei (JKA KSA) for his continuous support and effort to attend this special event.


Master Okuma concentrated on many areas of JKA Karate teaching – over two days, he focused and emphasized on basic kihon and kata. First day training comprised of covering elements of kihon training and Heian Katas. The second day was focused on Sentei Katas and Kumite, and how to train Gohon Kumite in the most dynamic and effective way. On the later part of the camp, Master Okuma, supported by Ehab Eshehawi Sensei of JKA Bahrain, conducted Dan and Qualifications examinations.




Post the Gasshuku event, Master Okuma continued his teachings every day at the JKA Bahrain Dojo. He also held a special instructors’ class on Sunday where he taught Tekki Nidan and the application of the kata. Following days at the JKA Bahrain Dojo, Master Okuma focused on Kihon training as well as Tekki Sandan kata. Master Okuma left Bahrain on Wednesday 29th headed for Kuwait to continue his visit of the Gulf region.


Finally, special thanks to Master Okuma for all of his support and continuous guidance provided to JKA Bahrain; thank you Sensei for motivating the karateka(s) of Bahrain. We would like to also extend our thanks to JKA HQ Shihan Committee for their great support provided.




Ehab Eshehaw

JKA Bahrain





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