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  • 2017.02.28: REPORT: The 34th Annual National Program Of JKA Of India with Kawawada Shihan and Nemoto Sensei

2017.02.28: REPORT: The 34th Annual National Program Of JKA Of India with Kawawada Shihan and Nemoto Sensei

Report On The 34th Annual National Program Of JKA Of India


This year JKA of India held it’s 34th Annual Training Program in the information technology city of Hyderabad in South India. It consisted of a 3 day training camp with Dan grading, Technical Licence exams and the 34th JKA All India Tournament. The instructors for the Camp were Kawawada Minoru Shihan and Nemoto Keisuke Sensei from the JKA Headquarters along with Anand Ratna Sensei our Chief Instructor. The event was organized by the Telengana Branch of JKA India in the International Indoor Stadium at Gachibowli, from the 23rd to 26th January 2017.


We are very fortunate to have training camps with top Japanese masters. All the Indian students value their teachings a great deal. This year the training was simply fantastic and along with our students we have learnt a lot from these great Masters.


Kawawada Minoru Shihan with his vast experience taught us for 3 days. Everyone appreciated his very humble and jolly nature. His way of teaching is so simple yet so very effective. He explained each technique in a very simple manner. He also showed how to improve these movements by eliminating unnecessary movements and adding the power of the lower body to one’s techniques. These were the two main points throughout Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Sensei Neeraj Dhawan assisited Kawawada Sensei on all the 3 days..


Nemoto Sensei was introduced to all of us participants as the current All Japan Kumite Champion, so we expected lot of Kumite training from him. However, like all the JKA Hq instructors, he too stressed on basic kihon. His teaching was also fantastic. He made us practice all the kihon for katas Bassai Dai, Jion, and Kanku dai. While teaching kata, his explanation too was very detailed as he demonstrated the kata by emphasizing each movement with the use of kime. On all the 3 days, Nemoto Sensei was assisted by Sensei Chandrashekar Shetty.


Our Chief Instructor Anand Sensei trained all of us juniors up to 4th Kyu. Over the 3 days, we did Basic kihon, all the Heian Kata and we did Gohon Kumite , Sanbon Kumite, Kihon Ippon Kumite and Kaishi Kumite. His sessions were hard and tiring but we enjoyed the training because he was doing all the techniques along with us and explaining how the different parts of the upper body and lower body were to be used so we gained a lot of knowledge.


The Tournament saw over a 1000 entries. However as the stadium was large enough to fit in more than 6 mat areas, it was done as per the schedule. We thank our Chief Instructor and JKA Headquarters for this great training Camp and look forward to more such Camps.


After the Hyderabad Camp, the instructors took 2 days of training in the JKAI Honbu dojo in Mumbai. The Consulate General of Japan represented by Mr. Suzuki came to witness the training. He expressed his appreciation of the training.





Reports submitted by Neeraj Dhawan, Vikash Sahu & Junior students. Compiled by JKAI Hq Office staff





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