JKA Instructors:Passing on the Tradition

JKA Instructors:Passing on the Tradition

One of the key strengths of the JKA is its method of teaching. All our instructors are dedicated, full-time staff trained specifically to teach karate. Each instructor completes an extensive specialist instructor training program and undergoes rigorous evaluation and testing before being granted his or her instructor qualifications. This unique specialist instruction system, established decades ago, is still the only one of its kind, and produces some of the best athletes and teachers in the world of karate. All JKA instructors—whether in Japan or heading up Regional or National branches around the world—pass on the fundamentals and techniques they have mastered, ensuring that karate’s highest tradition lives on in each dojo.

Meet some of the instructors and trainees at the Tokyo JKA HQ:

  • Ueki Masaaki

    Ueki Masaaki

    Chief Instructor

  • Imura Takenori

    Imura Takenori

    Vice General Manager of Technical Division

  • Kurasako Kenro

    Kurasako Kenro

    Vice General Manager of Technical Division

  • Kawawada Minoru

    Kawawada Minoru

    Vice General Manager of Technical Division

  • Ogura Yasunori

    Ogura Yasunori

    Standing Director / General Manager of Foreign Affairs Division

  • Imamura Tomio

    Imamura Tomio

    Standing Director

  • Shiina Katsutoshi

    Shiina Katsutoshi

    General Manager of Temporary Personnel Division

  • Izumiya Seizo

    Izumiya Seizo


  • Hanzaki Yasuo

    Hanzaki Yasuo

    General Manager of Gen. Affairs Division

  • Naka Tatsuya

    Naka Tatsuya

    General Manager of PR Division

  • Taniyama Takuya

    Taniyama Takuya

    General Manager of Guidance Division

  • Takahashi Satoshi

    Takahashi Satoshi

    General Manager of Personnel Division

NOTE: For Japanese names throughout this website, we follow the Japanese custom of indicating surname first, followed by the given name.



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